OSG is an elite boutique agency that specializes in property insurance loses, disaster preparedness and policy review and consulting.

Over 1,000

Athletes & Professionals Represented Worldwide

33 Billion

Recovered in Disaster Settlements


of Experience and Proven Results

Our goal is providing long term proven results on an expedited scale to allow our clients to focus on their primary duties.

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Global Network of Experts

As a client you have access to our large network of experts and vast resources. Much like a builder needs the right tool for the job, you need a team of professionals at the ready to help you all year before, during, and after a loss strikes.

Preemptive Protection

Being prepared for the worst is one of our main objectives. Don't ever let a loss catch you and your family by surprise. We cover you every step of the way and make sure you are never in doubt that your needs are covered. When you do experience a loss we will pursue your interests until you are indemnified.

OSG 360 Follows the Prepare, Prevent, Protect Approach.

365 Days

A Year

All Year Coverage

Clients have needs year-round, not just when disaster strikes. We make sure to meet with you annually to cover policy changes, keep up to date records, and make sure you are always prepared.

Representing You

As a client of OSG 360 you are our priority. We work diligently with clients to not only know their rights but to educate them so they can make informed decisions that best represent their interests.


How Does This All Help You?

You and your family's needs are important and we understand That. Having a partner by your side can be invaluable to help guide with simple questions or when even facing a crisis. For many of us we have family and friends doing our best to stay on top but we often don't have enough time to prepare for every situation we encounter.

OSG360 is Always On Your Side

You are always be prepared with us on your side looking out for you, your family and your property all year. No matter the situation we will always be just a phone call or email away. All your properties are covered under a custom profile we build to minimize the impact of a loss. Disaster strikes us all, and when it does OSG handles everything from travel arrangements for your family to documenting and restoring you from any damages.

Hurricane Michael - Florida

Hurricane Michael is an example of a disaster we have helped protect our clients from. Before the storm many families were evacuated and properties protected to minimize damages. Families are comfortably relocated and the all the paperwork files for insurance and losses was handled for them. Many were effected by hurricane Michael and did not have the same preparations. This video is a glimpse of the aftermath it caused in one area of the storm.

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